We create custom campaigns for our clients based upon their business objectives and budgets. (Typically, we start with a three-month campaign.) We specialize in traditional outlets within the Houston market. We also are especially savvy at getting our clients with national demographics features in renowned lifestyle websites and podcasts.

All our campaigns are fully transparent, meaning our clients receive a syllabus with their contract stating specifically what Mad Meg will do, and when, throughout their work together.




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“Although we have a strong internal marketing team, Mad Meg was a huge asset to us when we opened our Woodlands studio. They served as our “agency on the ground” and are experts about the local community and its influencers, media, and press. Mad Meg helped us build relationships and gave us recommendations that proved instrumental to our success in Houston. ”

Alex Samusevich, Dance With Me USA

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“As a start-up company, finding the right company to partner with on PR was crucial. We wanted to accelerate the momentum we had built for our company. This was a challenging task that Mad Meg took up with great gusto. She not only came up with an innovative strategy, but more importantly, delivered on it. In addition, Megan’s enthusiasm throughout our campaign was infectious. She was able to get everyone she told about iQuriousKids as excited as she was.”

Sachin Padhye, Owner of iQurious Kids


“We cannot thank you enough for your help with our Houston store opening events! The blogger event especially was the most successful we have ever had. The group was incredibly engaged and we had so much fun with all of them - plus some pretty great blog and social posts!”

Jessica Zuk, Senior Marketing Manager of SusieCakes

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“Mad Meg knows the right people and the right approach to generate buzz and awareness for our organization. Judy’s Mission has absolutely benefited from her relationships with media outlets in Houston.”

Aimee Friend, Executive Director of Judy's Mission

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“I cannot stress how instrumental Mad Meg was in terms of elevating our organization’s professionalism, success, and therefore overall mission. Team Mad Meg is not only full of energy and creativity but they are incredibly organized and movers and shakers. They inspired and helped us up our game from a PR perspective. Organizing our annual fundraiser (with thousands of attendees) was no longer stressful but enjoyable. I challenge you to find another philanthropic organization’s whose social media presence looks as good as ours and this is all because of Mad Meg. Mad Meg empowers us so that we can empower others in the medical community that so badly need it.”

Dr. Isaac & Lori Raijman, The Arts of Healing Foundation